OneVue February 2019 Release

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With our Primex OneVue cloud-based solution, we can upgrade our platform without disrupting users; that’s what we did at the end of February.

We are excited to share the details of this release with you!

List Views: Download more information at any time.

While OneVue scheduled reporting has proved useful to users, we have also gotten feedback requesting greater flexibility of reports. For example, when training a new user, our clients need to know what monitored assets are in a business unit; or when users want to share which sensors are in a suspended state.

We are happy to announce in this release, you can now download the data displayed in any List View at any time. We’re hoping this flexibility makes your jobs easier.

Located on the bottom of each List View, you will notice a new option: Save as CSV. List Views are found in all menu options – from the Dashboard, Monitored Assets, Sensors and so forth. When Save as CSV is selected, the current data displayed is downloaded as a file to your computer or mobile device.

Please know the CSV file is not stored in OneVue, it’s a one-time download to your local device. If you want to reformat the file and share with others, you will need to do that locally.

This new feature allows you to create a custom List View with the information you need, and then download to a CSV file. Remember to adjust your items per page; the data displayed on-screen is all that is downloaded.

Continued performance optimization. Faster data loading.

We were naturally concerned by reports that some of our larger enterprise accounts were seeing slow loading times when viewing their data. Our development team constantly monitors OneVue performance and can adjust performance during peak usage time periods. (A “peak usage time” is typically in the morning of the 1st of the month when many reports are generated simultaneously.)

So I challenged our development team to brainstorm new ways to improve the loading performance, and the February release includes some of these improvements. When viewing your data, it will load and display more quickly, which should result in a more fluid user experience.

I’m always eager to hear your feedback; feel free to email me with your impression of this change.

Primex OneVue logo change

We have big changes coming from Primex in the near future; some of these changes include how we explain and launch products. Our website refresh is underway and the first indication you may notice when logged into OneVue is the new logo and favicon, as well as slight changes to various colors.

We will keep you informed as we get closer to announcing the new stuff. It’s neat. Promise.

March 18, 2019
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