OneVue Full Subscription: Unlocking the Potential of InfoBoards

OneVue Full Subscription: Unlocking the Potential of InfoBoards

What, exactly, is the role of a full subscription with our new OneVue Notify InfoBoards? To put it succinctly: When these visual notification devices are connected to the OneVue Monitor cloud software through a subscription, our end-users can expect a much more versatile tool.

  • Scheduled countdown events This allows InfoBoards to count down to a planned moment, for example, visually indicating to students as the final minutes pass before classes begin for the day.
  • Scrolling general messages with adjustable speed Not only does a full subscription allow administrators to enter general text-based messages for their system, but it also lets them specify the speed at which they scroll. For example, “Soccer tryouts: 4 p.m. on West Field” would be much too long for a single InfoBoard, but this feature would make the message easy-to-read for an entire student body.
  • Customizable critical notifications While the built-in default notifications will be useful and practical for most scenarios, we can easily imagine situations in which administrators might want to create an area-appropriate critical notification for their system. “Tsunami” in a Hawaiian school, for example, or “Earthquake” for a university in California.
  • Seven display colors with adjustable brightness Control the brightness of InfoBoards and assign different colors to various functions: red, green, blue, yellow, white, magenta, and cyan.
  • Timed transitions between clock & date display, and general messaging Administrators can specify the timing for displays of clock, date, and the general messages they send through the web-based software, as well as customizing the date and time format.
  • Warning reports These are a way to know if a piece of equipment is having problems. The email alerts warn you if there is a time sync failure, or if an InfoBoard has become unresponsive.

We’re very excited about how these new tools will be used in the field. A visual display is a great thing, but pair it up with deep user control through cloud-based software? That seems like something special.

September 24, 2019
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