Primex Bell Controllers and Synchronized Clocks: Streamlining Schools Together

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Chatter, teachings, laughter, and maybe even some discipline… all things heard in a school! But listen with intention, and you’ll hear another constant: bells. Whether sounding like a ding, a ring, a buzz, or a chime, bells are as essential as student attendance. At the very least, they let students know when class starts, when class ends, and school’s out for the day. Given its importance, a school’s bell system must be routinely checked for operability — and, while at it, checked if it’s the most efficient system it can be.

Impact of an Efficient School Bell System

An efficient bell system goes beyond simply emitting a sound during a scheduled time to signal a class change or dismissal. Students learn time management by following the schedule of a programmed bell system, which can, in turn, help facilitate a rhythmic and organized learning environment. Further, a reliable bell system provides a level of routine for students, helping to build familiarity and comfort in the close-to-everyday setting that is school.

Of course, operational bell systems help with class transitions, letting students know when one class ends and another begins. When coupled with additional technology, like LED message boards to countdown time between classes, operational bell systems can maximize student flow in hallways, decrease tardiness, and reduce class disruptions due to late students. 

Perfect Harmony: School Bell System and School Clocks

With additional technology in mind, it’s imperative that along with a reliable bell system, a proper clock solution should also be solidly in place to fully give students an optimized learning environment. This is where Primex OneVue® shines. Offering both synchronized clocks and a bell system, Primex OneVue can be the combined solution that your school is missing.

The Primex OneVue Notify® Bell Controller seamlessly integrates with your existing PA system and allows you to schedule bells for every school within your district for the entire year on an easy-to-use, web-based platform. For added convenience, bell schedules can be altered quickly, if necessary, say for a weather-related event, impromptu pep rally, early dismissal, or late start. Plus, breathe easy knowing your bell schedules will remain unbothered if there’s a power outage, thanks to an on-board clock.

Regarding clocks, Primex has your school covered in that department, as well. Primex OneVue Sync™ offers three different technologies to help your school find the best synchronized-time fit. Go wireless with a patented 72 MHz OneVue Transmitter or Bluetooth® Low Energy solution, or take advantage of existing cable runs and choose a secure, wired Power over Ethernet connection. Match any modern school décor with digital clocks or add personalized logos on analog clocks to help build school spirit.



Primex Makes Bell and Clock Management Simple, Plus Adds Emergency Notifications

School maintenance staff have enough things to worry about. Simplify your school’s clock and bell system management with the web-based Primex OneVue® software. Operable on any device with a web browser, the OneVue software allows users to view, manage, and troubleshoot their school’s 72 MHz or Bluetooth® Low Energy clocks and create, edit, and solidify their school’s bell schedule. But wait, there’s more!

Primex has another school-oriented solution that can help bolster school safety. While your school emergency plan may include verbal announcements or other auditory signals, does it include any visual communication? If not, consider Primex OneVue Notify InfoBoard™ displays, which exhibit visual messages at the press of a button on easy-to-see LED screens. Choose between five presets — lockout, weather, evacuate, lockdown, or all clear — or connect to the OneVue software platform to create custom messages to inform, inspire, or celebrate.

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Students deserve a regulated, comfortable, and safe learning environment. And school maintenance staff deserve streamlined operations that can optimize their place of work. Primex OneVue solutions assist students and staff alike with a reliable bell schedule system, guaranteed synchronized time, and a visual layer of emergency communication. Contact us today to start your school optimization journey with Primex.


February 7, 2024
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