OneVue Sense Subscription: Why it Makes Sense for Your Facility in 2022 and Beyond

OneVue Sense Subscription: Why it Makes Sense for Your Facility in 2022 and Beyond
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Even though — at the time of writing, at least — inflation appears to be slowly relenting, American individuals and industries have felt the wrath of higher prices for goods and services since 2021. The healthcare industry is no exception.

Since July 2021, the Consumer Price Index has risen 3.7% for medical care commodities and 5.1% for medical care services, according to an August 2022 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report. While these numbers are relatively small when compared to gasoline (44%) and energy (32.9%), ultrathin margins that hospitals usually operate under make every dollar saved and spent that much more important.

This importance holds true, especially when you factor in the impact that COVID-19 has had on hospital spending. Between 2019 and 2021, as patient count and acuity increased, so did the following:

  • Average drug costs per patient — Up by 36.9%
  • Average medical supply costs per patient — Up by 20.6%
  • Average labor costs per patient — Up by 19.1%

Despite the high price increases for drugs, medical supplies, and labor, hospitals and health systems need to remain able to provide the best care possible while also meeting regulatory requirements and guidelines. Being thoughtful about spending, while not always top of mind for frontline staff, is also something that healthcare facilities need to practice. Enter Primex OneVue Sense™ Service and Support Plans.

OneVue Subscription Benefits for Hospital Leaders

No matter the tier, a Primex OneVue Sense Service and Support Plan greatly supports pharmacists, nurses, and doctors in their everyday tasks while remaining a budget-conscious, future-helping option for hospital and health system decision-makers. The once-a-year payment for a Primex OneVue Sense automated environmental monitoring subscription allows facility leaders to purchase the web-based OneVue® software as an operating expenditure (OpEx), which includes all necessary hardware. This differs from a typical capital expenditure (CapEx) purchase, where payments must be made separately for environmental monitoring software and its related hardware. Providing OneVue Sense technology in an OpEx format can give facility leaders a clearer idea of how much budget they will have for other expenses throughout their year. This clarity can go a long way, given the current level of inflation and global supply chain issues that continue to wreak havoc on the supply of goods in the U.S.

Additionally, taking advantage of a multiyear OneVue Sense Service and Support Plan lessens the often longer-than-necessary back-and-forth of negotiating prices each year. Plus, on the topic of reducing hassle, your IT staff won’t be as involved with a OneVue Sense Service and Support Plan, as this software as a service is cloud-based, and Primex staff are regularly standing by to troubleshoot any issues or questions that may arise. With staff shortages threatening nearly every workforce, freeing IT staff for other, more pressing issues can significantly benefit a healthcare facility.

Another perk of a OneVue Sense Service and Support Plan is having multiple features under one set-in-stone price. Hospital leadership won’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges, as the Primex team will carefully present and explain each benefit, allowing leaders to know exactly what they are getting with their purchase. These benefits include helping frontline staff meet accreditation requirements, protecting valuable medications and vaccines, and improving their workdays.

OneVue Subscription Benefits for Frontline Staff

Both Advanced and Preferred tiers of the OneVue Sense Service and Support Plan bring great value to frontline staff in numerous ways. Overall, automated monitoring within these plans strives to lessen the burden of laborious logging tasks and give team members more time for other duties. OneVue Sense automated monitoring sensors continuously measure conditions and provide local alerts along with mobile text, call, or email notifications for out-of-range measurements. With nationwide nursing shortages occurring and expected to continue, this automation can provide much-needed relief to already taxed staff.

Plus, the cloud-based OneVue® software provides staff with anytime, anywhere-accessible insight into their monitored assets, providing peace of mind during nights, weekends, or any other time they are away from their valuable vaccines, medications, or other costly articles. The mobile-friendly, web-based platform allows users to stay connected to their monitored environments and take safeguarding action if necessary.

The OneVue software can also help staff put more of their focus on patient treatment and become more efficient at the regulatory accreditation aspects of their jobs. Customized reports are available on demand to prove compliance during any planned or unplanned audit. Staff can rest assured knowing that if any proof of compliance is needed, they can log into OneVue and generate a customized report quickly and easily.

Preferred-Only Benefits

The Primex OneVue Sense Preferred Plan does boast a few more beneficial features that the other Primex OneVue Sense Plans do not. Included in the Preferred plan is proactive support, where members of the Primex team will analyze your OneVue usage trends and meet with your team twice a year to review tendencies and offer insights into what may reduce alarm fatigue, prevent asset loss, and improve your staff experience. In addition, the Preferred Plan offers single-sign-on technology, bolstering cybersecurity and saving staff time each instance they utilize OneVue.

Overcome Economy-Related Healthcare Challenges

A OneVue Sense Service and Support Plan offers unique benefits to both hospital leadership and frontline staff. In today’s economic environment, when hospitals and health systems face increased medication, supply, and labor costs, a subscription plan from Primex makes sense. The fixed, locked-in annual or multiyear price can offer greater budget flexibility, and the features of the subscription plan can bring an impressive amount of value to patient caregivers. To learn how your healthcare facility can experience these benefits, contact us today.

August 18, 2022
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