Reducing Alarm Fatigue with Proactive Analysis of Automated Monitoring

Reducing Alarm Fatigue with Proactive Analysis of Automated Monitoring
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How many beeps, dings, and buzzes do you and your staff hear every day within your healthcare facility? Whether or not these sounds signal necessary actions vital to patient care or daily operations, the amount can be overbearing. The abundance of these sounds can cause alarm fatigue, which desensitizes staff and puts patient health at risk.

This issue isn’t particularly new, with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses first outlining its troubles in 2013. Still, healthcare facilities are enacting alarm fatigue reduction action plans to combat this issue, given that The Joint Commission estimates between 85% and 99% of alarms don’t actually require clinical intervention. In addition to utilizing the correct equipment and checking machines’ alarm settings before each shift, analyzing data behind certain sounds can help to reduce the number of alarms every day — and experts at Primex can help do just that.

Proactive Analysis for Monitored Assets

Throughout your facility, there are surely medications, vaccines, and other assets that require storage within a specific temperature range. Furthermore, areas like intensive care units and surgical suites may need to maintain certain temperature and humidity levels for patient comfort and safety. Many facilities may utilize automated monitoring sensors for these temperature-sensitive storage units and areas, which could contribute to the number of alarms hospital staff are privy to.

That’s not the case if your facility has sensors from the Primex OneVue Sense™ Preferred Service and Support Plan. One of the many benefits of the Preferred Plan is proactive alert trend management, where a dedicated Primex team member will review your facility’s sensor alert history. They will analyze which departments receive the most out-of-range alerts, find trends in how often an alert occurs, and offer recommendations that can limit the number of out-of-range notifications based on their analysis.

Facility leaders will have two meetings per year with this Primex expert, where they’ll learn the expert’s findings and tips on how to best utilize the OneVue® platform.

This analysis can be incredibly helpful in reducing the quantity of alarms your staff members experience. Cutting down the number of alarms for temperature excursions can put more focus on alarms that really matter, such as pulse oximetry alerts, ventilator warnings, infusion pump signals, or just general physiological monitoring malfunctions. Plus, the nature of automated monitoring sensors for environments gives staff one less thing to worry about during their busy days and helps keep focus on patient care.

Supplementary Benefits of the OneVue Sense Preferred Plan

Proactive account analysis to combat alarm fatigue is only one part of the robust OneVue Sense Preferred Plan. Our team of Primex experts will also take into account your facility’s goals and offer user-specific insight into how automated monitoring can help meet them — whether it be through taking advantage of on-demand reporting or anytime, anywhere-accessible environmental data.

The Preferred Plan also boasts in-person training sessions for staff members on how to operate and work with the OneVue platform. As part of this onboarding period, your staff will learn via real-life, everyday examples while minimizing disruptions to their day-to-day work. Technological advantages are also a part of the Preferred Plan, such as hardware assurance and single-sign-on capability to save time and bolster cybersecurity.

The Many Advantages of a Primex Subscription Offering

When leaders choose the OneVue Sense Preferred Plan for their facility, they can rest assured knowing they will get an elevated user experience. Through a true partnership with our Primex experts, your facility can experience systemwide optimization in environmental monitoring practices and a reduction in alarm fatigue thanks to proactive account analysis. Learn why a Primex OneVue Service and Support Plan is right for your facility and contact us today to get started.

November 29, 2022
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