Summer Upgrade Time: Primex Solutions for School Safety and Improvement

Summer Upgrade Time: Primex Solutions for School Safety and Improvement
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School’s out for summer! As (most) students and teachers rejoice, classrooms will soon sit empty, and gone will be the hustle and bustle of students flowing through hallways. Sure, there will be some students attending and teachers instructing summer school, which has seen enrollment numbers rise yearly since 1985. Still, there’ll undoubtedly be some downtime within schools, libraries, and universities — making for the perfect time for facility upgrades.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen schoolwide safety, increase overall timeliness, or protect valuables, Primex has the solutions that can truly optimize your school or university.

Bolstering Safety at Your School Through Communication

School safety goes beyond ensuring students return home safely after every school day. When students — regardless of age — feel protected and secure at school, there’s an overall higher level of comfort, development, and learning. Students deserve peace of mind while in the classroom, lunchroom, gymnasium, or library, and Primex OneVue Notify® can deliver it.

Adding another layer to your school’s emergency preparedness plan has never been easier. Primex OneVue Notify InfoBoard™ displays provide visual notifications via LED message boards. At the press of a button, InfoBoard displays around your school can display lockdown, lockout, evacuate, weather, or all clear to visually relay critical information. These visual message boards communicate in loud, noisy environments — band rooms, gyms, shops, etc. — where audio messages could go unheard, providing additional safety measures for students in those areas. The visual nature of these notifications also communicates to those who are deaf or hard of hearing and can also relay messages to young, not-yet-able-to-read children by color-coordinating messages.

During nonemergent times, the visual message boards can display personalized messages to inform, congratulate, or direct when connected with the Primex OneVue® software platform. And when no messages require displaying, the InfoBoard display doubles as an easy-to-see digital clock. With clear hallways and classrooms during summer, it’s a great time to install InfoBoard displays to boost communication when school resumes in the Fall. Speaking of time, Primex has you covered in that area, as well.

Synchronized Time to Strengthen Schoolwide Timeliness

Whether an elementary school teaching kids the importance of schedules or a sprawling college campus trying to get students to stay on schedule, Primex OneVue Sync™ can help by providing systemwide synchronized time. All clocks within your one-building school or multibuilding campus will be perfectly synchronized, eliminating time discrepancies and giving students, staff, and visitors one single source of truth time. Additional benefits of synchronized time in schools are better hallway flow, more precise timing during standardized testing, and decreased tardiness.

Primex even boasts three different technology options — two wireless and one hardwired — to fit the need of any school. For a wireless option, select the patented 72 MHz transmitter technology, an engineered solution which guarantees synchronized time through a virtual site evaluation. Or go with the Bluetooth® Low Energy option, which uses Bluetooth® signal repeaters to connect and send time to every clock within your school.

For a wired option, take advantage of existing cable runs and choose the Power over Ethernet/IP solution, which uses the aforementioned cables to send both power and time to each clock, whether digital or analog. Synchronized clocks help ensure everybody is where they need to be at the proper time. Take lunchtime, for example. Sure, students can show up on time for lunch, but what would lunchtime be without safe-to-serve food? Primex can help in that area, too.  

Protecting Food Supply and Temperature-Sensitive Assets in Schools

From cafeteria food to student medications, these temperature-sensitive assets require proper storage for preservation and safety. Ensure your students’ food remains safe to serve with automated temperature sensors within the OneVue Sense® suite of products. Nearly one-third of the global food supply spoils before it can be consumed. Combat this statistic with real-time alerts for out-of-range temperatures within your refrigerators and freezers to ensure your valuable food doesn’t spoil early or go to waste. Additionally, use OneVue Sense temperature sensors to remain compliant with storage requirements for any student medications that may need storing in a nurse’s office.

In addition to helping safeguard assets, OneVue Sense Indoor Air Quality monitors can help protect students’ learning environment. When installed in classrooms, these temperature/humidity monitors help school leaders determine if a humidifier is necessary to help limit the spread of infection and keep students in the classroom.

This summer, when students are purposely out of the classroom, ask yourself if your school could benefit from some upgrades. Maybe take advantage of the Primex and PEPPM connection, which helps schools acquire new technology faster with federal grants. Perhaps your school has a budget surplus or remaining COVID-19 relief funds. Whatever the case may be, Primex solutions can help optimize your school. Contact us today.

June 16, 2023
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