The Ease of Replacing Wired Time Systems with Primex OneVue Sync 72 MHz

The Ease of Replacing Wired Time Systems with Primex OneVue Sync 72 MHz

Keeping activities on time can be vital within any facility, be it a school, hospital, pharmacy, or warehouse. Healthcare patients sometimes require and always deserve to receive on-time care. Classes and tests that start on time can help to make students feel less rushed. Warehouse product line or transit center efficiency is best when employees work cohesively under synchronized time.

To capture this efficiency and optimization, most U.S. schools, hospitals, or warehouses have some sort of synchronized time system in place. A popular type of these systems is the hardwired variety, which includes a master clock and multiple cables. As technology advances, these wired synchronized time systems are now considered outdated and old technology. Even though they still may work for the time being, specific components of wired systems are bound to fail, and the price and hassle of replacing them usually offer a less-than-ideal return on investment for facilities.

A Newer, More Trustworthy Synchronized Time Option: 72 MHz Wireless Frequency

Enter Primex OneVue Sync™ 72 MHz technology. Unlike a wired master clock system that sends time to facility clocks through a pulse wire, this Primex wireless synchronized time system utilizes a patented 72 MHz radio frequency transmitter to acquire time from GPS or a NTP server and wirelessly send time signal to each Primex clock throughout a facility or campus. No master clock or pulse wire is necessary.

With aging wired clock systems, pulse wires are usually the first to malfunction and stop working. As this happens throughout a facility, an easy solution is to install a OneVue Sync 72 MHz transmitter and a Primex clock wherever a pulse wire clock has stopped working. These Primex clocks can utilize the existing AC power cord that the old clock used, or batteries can be installed for power.

This replacement method allows a facility to keep its old system for as long as it lasts, while quickly replacing dead clocks with wirelessly synchronizing Primex clocks. Plus, this process of replacing old clocks with Primex clocks on an as-needed basis means that there’s no downtime, which is certainly essential to avoid in healthcare settings.

Scalable, Guaranteed Wireless Time Coverage

The OneVue Sync 72 MHz transmitter is available in 1-, 5-, or 30-watt variations, with the more powerful transmitters able to send wireless time signal throughout multiple buildings on a campus. The longer wavelength of a 72 MHz signal allows for transmission through solid building construction materials and boasts less chance of radio interference than higher frequencies.

Plus, for further solidification of ensured synchronized time, Primex is proud to provide OneVue Sync as an engineered solution with a guarantee of coverage. This process entails an in-house Primex engineer performing a virtual site evaluation using aerial photographs and building blueprints to determine which power-level transmitter (and potentially, a time signal repeater) is necessary to provide time coverage throughout your specified area, entire building, or throughout a multibuilding campus. Through the guarantee of coverage letter, if a facility experiences a lack of time coverage anywhere, Primex will provide the equipment necessary to provide coverage — at no extra cost.

Less Clock Maintenance with a Cloud-Based Software Platform

If your facility staff routinely checks each clock manually to ensure synchronization and time correctness, chances are your system is outdated. The Primex OneVue® software platform allows users to manage every Primex clock within their organization. No more climbing up on ladders and manually resetting clocks. Simply log into the web-based OneVue software and gain access to time synchronization, signal strength, and battery status data. Also, facility staff can rest easy twice a year knowing that Primex clocks automatically set themselves for the beginning and end of daylight saving time.

Choose Primex for Easy Synchronized Clock Replacement

If your wired clock system is slowly starting to fade, Primex OneVue Sync is the solution you need to keep your facility on time. Install a 72 MHz transmitter, replace clocks on an as-needed basis (utilizing existing AC power cords if able), and gain 24/7 access to facilitywide clock status data on the easy-to-use OneVue software platform.

To learn how to get started replacing your old wired clock system, contact us today.

P.S. Primex sells clocks compatible with the Simplex Molex line, making for an even easier replacement process if your facility is currently utilizing Simplex clocks.

October 26, 2022
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