Upgrading Your Hospital’s Technology With Automated Monitoring and Visual Messaging To Improve Efficiency

Upgrading Your Hospital’s Technology With Automated Monitoring and Visual Messaging To Improve Efficiency

As technology within healthcare continues to evolve, many patients and staff members alike continue to benefit. From smart patient beds and wearable health trackers to implantable devices and electronic health records, technology has changed healthcare for the better.

Moreover, automation technology can greatly benefit healthcare staff by relieving stress about certain tasks like accreditation and asset storage. While there will always be certain practices that can only be performed by human hands, there is technology now that can simply automate particular tasks and provide much-needed relief for busy healthcare staff.

Primex automated monitoring technology within the OneVue Sense™ portfolio aims to relieve healthcare staff from laborious duties like medication storage temperature checks while also helping to regulate sensitive environments.

Primex OneVue Sense Technology for Hospital Optimization

Instead of manual temperature checks at routine intervals, technology can help staff ensure that their invaluable vaccines, essential medications, and irreplaceable lab samples are stored properly according to accreditation guidelines and regulatory requirements. Primex OneVue Sense Temperature Sensors continuously monitor internal storage unit temperatures and send those measurements to the web-based OneVue® software platform. This automation gives staff more time for patient care, which could increase patient satisfaction scores and, therefore, reimbursement rates.

Within the OneVue software platform, users can easily access historical data from every one of their sensors and generate on-demand reports to make for easy compliance during auditing situations. For further peace of mind, if a sensor detects an out-of-range condition, users can receive a text message, phone call, or email alerting them to take corrective action and prevent costly loss.

Additionally, in the OneVue Sense portfolio, Differential Pressure Sensors can help ensure that isolation areas, operating rooms, medication compounding spaces, and other critical areas are properly pressurized to limit infection spread and keep people and valuables safe. OneVue Sense Indoor Air Quality Monitors measure ambient air temperature and humidity, helping staff maintain comfortable patient waiting areas and rooms for optimal safety. If a door is left open that jeopardizes the integrity of a negative pressure room or temperature-sensitive area, a OneVue Sense Contact Closure Sensor can alert users so it can be promptly closed.

OneVue Sense technology can also help facility staff aside from nurses and physicians. In leak-prone areas — say under a pipe, in a storage closet, or by an HVAC system — OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensors will detect any presence of liquid and notify facility staff, who can take measures that may just prevent catastrophic, costly flooding.

Around-The-Clock Data Insight Plus an Increase in Hospitalwide Communication

All of the aforementioned sensors report data into the anywhere-accessible, web-based OneVue Software platform, giving users 24/7 insight into their environmental data — even when they are away. This software platform also works seamlessly with the Primex OneVue Notify® mass notification system. Users can compose messages for InfoBoard™ LED display boards that can be seen throughout a hospital or multibuilding campus. These visual message boards can:

  • Provide patients with wayfinding directions, important news, or current waiting times
  • Act to communicate to those hard of hearing
  • Convey critical notifications, like Lockdown or Evacuate, in case of an emergency

InfoBoard displays come in three sizes, each with seven different text colors. The various sizes, text colors, and scrolling speeds allow users to find what works best for them when increasing communication throughout their facility. OneVue Notify can add another layer to your hospital or healthcare system’s communication plans while modernizing spaces with easy-to-see InfoBoard displays.

Optimizing Your Facility, Whether Big or Small, with Primex Technology

The next time your facility is looking to improve staff workflows, consider Primex OneVue technology. The OneVue Sense portfolio is available in different Service and Support Plans that fit any facility’s needs — from locally-owned pharmacies and clinics to interdisciplinary health systems. These plans provide onboarding training, data trend analysis, and hardware assurance; the Primex team can become your team.

Primex automated technology and mass communication solutions can be an efficient and process-improving upgrade to any hospital or health system. For more information, contact us today.

June 7, 2022
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