Patient Experience vs. Patient Satisfaction: How Primex Can Boost Both

Healthcare patient being pushed in a wheelchair having a positive patient experience
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As the importance of patient-centered care continues to grow, so does the number of options patients have regarding where they receive healthcare. This more comprehensive array of provider choices, coupled with the industry focus on patient-centered care, has made patient experience and patient satisfaction arguably more vital than ever. Further, these two closely related notions can impact a hospital or healthcare system’s level of reimbursement and, subsequently, its bottom line.

But what is the difference between patient experience and patient satisfaction? Are they the same? Or what makes them different? Given their undeniable impacts, what solutions can health systems implement to strengthen both? (Not-so-subtle hint: It’s Primex OneVue®)

What is Patient Experience? 

From a bird’s-eye view, understanding what precisely patient experience is may seem obvious: the experience a patient has when receiving healthcare. But when discussing patient experience at a zoomed-in level, it can become clear just how many layers can make up all that goes into a patient’s experience while in — or seeking — care. Setting up an appointment, parking or connecting virtually, doctor interaction, communication with the billing department, and treatment are all factors that can play into patient experience.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality lists additional aspects of patient experience as culturally appropriate care, care coordination, communication with clinicians, and getting information. Creating and cultivating a culture of patient-focused care is easier said than done, but it can go a long way toward improving patient experience at any hospital or health system. 

What is Patient Satisfaction? 

Patient satisfaction is inherently connected to patient experience but does differ. While patient experience deals with everything the patient goes through during their care journey, patient satisfaction is more tied to the feelings a patient has after their care journey has ended. In essence, focusing on patient satisfaction starts with ensuring a positive patient experience.

However, patient experience can be heavily influenced by a patient’s care expectations. Whether or not their healthcare path delivered to meet their expectations could significantly impact their overall satisfaction levels. To overcome this, it can be imperative that healthcare staff — from frontline caregivers to in-office personnel — keep the patient’s journey in mind during all tasks to truly develop and sustain a caring, empathetic, communicative, and straightforward healthcare environment.

Primex OneVue Technology Can Help Bolster Experience and, thus, Satisfaction

Various tools exist to help create a patient-centered organization, such as practical communication training, patient portals and apps, and accessibility services. Plus, technology advancements can be a useful tool — specifically, Primex OneVue Notify® InfoBoard displays and Primex OneVue Sync™ synchronized clocks.

Clear communication is an essential part of patient experience, and digital message boards can add another layer to patient communication. When synced with a OneVue® 72 MHz transmitter, OneVue Notify InfoBoard displays can exhibit personalized messages to give updates on waiting times, help with wayfinding directions, and visually convey information in loud environments. If a patient feels more connected with and informed in their healthcare environment, it can lead to a stronger patient experience and a higher level of patient satisfaction.

Moreover, time is another critical aspect of patient experience. The longer patients wait, the less likely they will report a positive patient experience or high satisfaction level. OneVue Sync is an engineered solution that can guarantee synchronized time on every clock — analog and digital — throughout an entire building or campus. When clocks are aligned, healthcare staff can maximize workflow efficiency, which could potentially shorten waiting times for patients and increase on-time surgical start rates.

Start strengthening the patient experience at your hospital or health system by contacting Primex today. When combining the promotion of a patient-centered care culture and Primex digital communication and synchronized clock solutions, patient experience and patient satisfaction can rise at your organization.

November 29, 2023
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