The Primex Proven Process: How This Differentiator Sets Your Facility Up for Success

The Primex Proven Process: How This Differentiator Sets Your Facility Up for Success

By offering automated monitoring, synchronized time, and mass notifications, Primex can provide solutions that genuinely optimize facilities and workflows. Our solutions can also relieve stress and solve common bothers for employees like nursing staff, teachers, business leaders, and others.

How Primex Solutions Can Optimize Facilities and Help Employees

For example, in hospitals and health systems, our OneVue Sense™ solution can automate monotonous yet essential tasks like temperature monitoring so staff can focus on patient care. Our web-based OneVue® software automatically records data, eliminating the laborious yet necessary need to manually track and document that same data from monitored environments. And our sensors can help protect invaluable vaccines and medications from spoiling and help regulate sensitive environments for patient safety by sending real-time alerts when conditions are out of range.

Of course, those are just a few examples of the benefits of OneVue Sense, which isn’t limited to healthcare facility use. For instance, schools and restaurants can utilize temperature monitoring to help limit food waste and businesses can use indoor air quality sensors to help keep server rooms at the correct temperature and humidity.

There’s no doubt that Primex solutions can optimize a facility, but like any technology, it only works if the technology itself is installed correctly, understood by users, and managed regularly. Enter the Primex Proven Process.

The Primex Proven Process Ensures Success

Each Primex solution ¬— environmental monitoring, synchronized time, and mass notification — will be available through one of the Primex OneVue® Service and Support Plans. These plans provide value by offering a once-a-year payment, eliminating the hassle of repeated price negotiations, and many included benefits. Have a look at the Primex OneVue Software and Service Plan video specific for OneVue Sense below!

One of those benefits is the Primex Proven Process, a series of services to ensure a smooth implementation of your Primex solutions and guarantee that they are set up for the highest level of success. For example, the Primex Proven Process for the Primex OneVue Sense Preferred Plan includes:

  • Primex Led-Configuration — Primex will remotely collaborate with users to fill out a monitored asset management tracker with all pertinent information regarding each solution. For example, Primex will configure a temperature sensor with the user’s desired minimum and maximum temperature, determine the power source (battery, AC, or PoE), and find out the user’s desired logging interval time and alert preference. Primex will also collect user information — names, email addresses, phone numbers — and enter this data into the OneVue system. This Primex-led data collection relieves your staff from these tasks!
  • Primex-Led, On-Site Installation — Primex staff will either visit your facility or utilize trusted and trained partner companies to install your new Primex solutions, whether they be temperature, differential pressure, or water leak sensors. Primex-led installation saves your facility’s IT staff time and effort!
  • Primex-Led, On-Site Training — Rather than remote training, members of the Primex team will personally visit your facility to teach your staff the ins and outs of our solutions. Nothing gets lost in translation, as in-person training allows for more natural back-and-forth conversations about how to view your logged data, set up different alerts, and generate customized reports.
  • Primex OneVue Certification — After configuration, installation, and training, Primex will seek your input to ensure that your facility’s solutions meet your specific requirements and expectations. If not met, Primex will continue to work with you until you’re satisfied, which is when Primex will grant your facility OneVue Certification, and your subscription will start.

Within the OneVue Preferred Plan, it’s important to note that users will also get proactive support, where Primex staff routinely look into your account to suggest service optimizations, such as like fixing alarm fatigue. Users also receive single-sign-on capability and biannual success audits to keep your solutions working best for you.

The Primex Proven Process and Additional Solutions for Any Size Facility

Although the Preferred Plan provides the most value in its benefits and implementation, different levels of the Primex Proven Process are available in the OneVue Advanced and OneVue Starter Plans.

Additionally, if your facility is seeking solutions outside of automated monitoring, our team will be happy to work with you to determine the right solution and service and support plan level for your needs. If looking to improve timeliness, our OneVue Sync™ solution guarantees facility- or campuswide synchronized time by analyzing your building or buildings’ specific floorplans. If looking to bolster safety, OneVue Notify® InfoBoard™ displays can help by conveying critical, visual notifications — like lockout, lockdown, or evacuate — to help get individuals to safety sooner. When connected to the web-based OneVue software, InfoBoard display messages can be customized to exhibit wayfinding directions, newsworthy information, or other general communications.

No matter the type of solution or level of service and support plan, our cost-saving, safety-improving, and burden-lessening technology can optimize your facility. Whether you’re looking to monitor sensitive environments to protect assets, provide synchronized time to improve timeliness, or strengthen safety and communication through mass notifications, the Primex Proven Process is an added bonus that will ensure a smooth implementation into your facility and employee workflows.

April 8, 2022
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