Primex refreshes its name, logo and website

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. (December 21, 2016) – Primex is thrilled to announce that it has changed its name from Primex Wireless to Primex. The simple change better reflects the nomenclature that is prevalent in the market, while at the same time, further supporting the brand equity the company has built over the past 15 years.

“We are excited to embrace Primex as our sole name in the market, as it is something we have been exploring for some time now,” states Jim McCann, VP of Marketing at Primex. Dropping the “wireless” moniker also helps to eliminate a common misconception that Primex is somehow involved in the cellular service market, which is the assumption 8 out of 10 customers made when initially seeing the name. “In addition to clearing up that misconception, the fact is that when the company started in 2002, having a wireless solution was a significant differentiator for us. Today, having wireless options are really table-stakes for our end consumers,” adds McCann.

Along with the update of the company name, Primex took the opportunity to revise its logo. “Through this brand refresh exercise, we have also tweaked our logo a bit by updating the font slightly and adding a trendier, bold, green accent color,” McCann added. The logo will still be very recognizable to current customers who have grown familiar with it, while at the same time giving the company a fresh look.

These two rather significant changes precipitated the transformation of the company’s website to

About Primex

Primex, Inc. is the leading provider of solutions to automate and maintain facility compliance, increase efficiencies, enhance safety and reduce risk for enterprise organizations in the healthcare, education, manufacturing and government vertical markets. Primexdelivers platforms that utilize a facility’s existing network infrastructure to automate, monitor, document and report essential activities performed by the facility management staff including time synchronization, and environmental, temperature and event monitoring.