Leveraging Schoolwide Synchronized Clocks to Maximize Learning Time

Leveraging Schoolwide Synchronized Clocks to Maximize Learning Time
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Whether in single-building elementary schools or multifacility college campuses, clocks are often an overlooked yet essential part of any educational institution. When all clocks within a school are synchronized, their benefits go beyond simply telling time. They can help to decrease tardiness, solidify schedules, and optimize standardized test taking. Additionally, and possibly most importantly, due to the pandemic’s large disruption for many students — synchronized clocks can be a tool to maximize learning time in the classroom.

A Pandemic’s Impact on Students

Coming out of the pandemic — when schools shuttered and many students began virtual lessons — research has shed new light on the importance of in-person learning. According to a Pew Research study, 61% of parents with kindergarten through grade 12 students said the first year of the pandemic had a negative effect on their children’s education. Furthermore, the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ 2022 National Report Card showed math test scores were down 8 and 5 points from 2019 for grades eight and four, respectively. Reading test scores in 2022 also declined from 2019, down 3 points for both eighth and fourth graders.

College students, too, felt academic impacts from the pandemic. A 2022 Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood journal study found that many students who moved home during the pandemic faced a loss of resources, like computers and internet access. Moreover, 33% of surveyed students reported that their academic future was “significantly at risk” due to COVID-19.

In addition to feeling the negative academic repercussions, students have struggled with mental health and high anxiety since the pandemic started. Results from a 2022 Institute of Education Sciences survey showed that 70% of public schools reported an increase in the percentage of students seeking school-operated mental health services since the beginning of the pandemic.

These statistics mentioned above, combined with how 65% of teens preferred school to be in-person-only after the pandemic, underscore the importance of in-person learning time on students’ academic futures and overall mental health. A Primex OneVue Sync™ synchronized time solution can be a helpful tool to help maximize in-class learning time.

Schoolwide Benefits of Primex Timekeeping Solutions

When all clocks within a school or throughout a campus display the same time, it eliminates time discrepancies. When students look up at clocks, whether analog or digital, they’ll all have the exact same amount of time between every scheduled class period, which helps build routine and assists in keeping them from being late to class. And every second and minute matters when it comes to learning!

As a supplement to Primex clocks, Primex OneVue Notify® InfoBoard displays can act as countdown timers to improve student flow in hallways and show students exactly how much time they have left to get to class. Sure, students may know that they have four minutes in between periods, but when they see the four minutes counting down, chances are that they’ll likely get moving quicker to beat that clock!

Working seamlessly with any Primex OneVue Sync solution — the wireless 72 MHz and Bluetooth® Low Energy or wired Power over Ethernet/IP — a Primex Bell Controller can adapt to a school’s existing PA system to keep class schedules on track. School staff can log into the web-based OneVue® software platform to trigger standard or custom bell patterns and alter schedules for instances of inclement weather, impromptu pep rallies, or emergencies. Keeping classes on schedule and students where they need to be will help to maximize the time they spend in their intended classrooms.

At college campuses, one student can look at a clock in the library while another student looks at a clock in the union — and both clocks will be the exact same. These synchronous clocks can strengthen time management skills for studying hours, extracurricular time, or lunchtime between classes. Stronger time management skills can help put students in better positions to maximize their learning in and out of the classroom, discussion course, or lecture hall. Plus, college and university leaders can rest easy knowing that no matter the size of their campus, Primex guarantees synchronized time coverage, thanks to in-house engineers performing free virtual site evaluations.

Add Another Tool to Optimize Learning at Your School

Professors, lecturers, teachers, and other faculty undoubtedly work hard to ensure students receive the best education possible. To help them get the most out of the time they are allotted with students, consider a Primex OneVue Sync synchronized time solution for your school. When students and staff operate on the same time, they can form better cohesive relationships, leading to a higher level of learning. Contact us today for more information on how to get a Primex clock system in your facility to start experiencing these benefits.  

February 23, 2023
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